Schematically, RFID in store creates value at three successive levels: optimisation of Store replenishment (Level 1 supply), optimization of the replenishment of the sales area (Level 2 store sales) and optimization of the capacities Cross-channel (Level 3 Omnicanal).

An RFID Solution in action generates a continuous stream of raw data (movements or state changes of an article) immediately used to update the database and, if necessary, trigger an action request. This flow can also be refined to extract key trading data: Quick identification of best and flops, proactive detection of problem items (fitting or pricing), identification of winning articles combos, etc. – all in store as in cross-channel. These data are exploitable and create value for all network stores and websites

A bonus that can make a difference in the era of Big Data.

Update at will of the vision of the Stock in store (inputs-outputs, recorded products stolen, products declared stolen via algorithm) and optimization of the replenishments (decrease of breakages and over-storages).

This allows to dynamically drive the offer for sale: to follow the internal movements, to manage the merchandising plan and the shelving, to be alerted if a replenishment is necessary and possible (self-learning function), if a storage must be carried out or If the merchandising plan is not respected.

Ability to perform all types of searches (with or without “hot” localization) or rotating inventories. Control the quality of the operators work and access a full range of intelligent statistics

Real-time determination of the actual availability “for sale” of each item in each store: offer more online while reducing your inventory buffers.

Have all the tools to create a network of “hub” stores capable of supporting on-line orders by delivering advanced services inaccessible to Pure players: E-reservation, Click & Collect, express delivery.